If Christ had the courage to be forsaken by God, should you not also have the courage to stand for God?

You cannot accept Christ without also accepting the price that comes with Him, because we are now to stand alongside the only One who lived in full pursuit of truth. Christ spoke what is right, He lived it, and He obeyed God even unto death; We must not let those around us affect the way we engage with them, because our God engaged others with love and truth, that means showing grace in all things.

How are you allowing God to shape you? How are you allowing Christ to speak through you? How are you becoming more like Christ?

These are the questions that we must be brave enough to ask ourselves, because if we shy from speaking what is true because we don’t want to lose others in our lives, then we are not actually standing with Christ, we are saying that we are while we hide behind the wall of our own self doubts. Let God tear down those walls, and let Him build you up to be a true child of God, because when we let God do that, we are letting God transform us; that transformation should ultimately make us more like Christ, so that one day, we can stand before Him and He will say to us “Well done, My good and faithful servant.” and we will have made it, into His perfect rest.


I want to hug this wet dog so hard.

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